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Originally Posted by jon_burrows View Post
Does the X-Fi2 play Wav files? I recently put an album of Wav files on my X-Fi2 and it doesn't show up on my player but it shows up when it's plugged into my laptop.
I also noticed that when I just got my X-Fi2 and tried to load the wave files on it that I used on my previous Zen players.
But I'm still not sure if this player doesn't support them, or that they are simply not listed in the library because a wave file doesn't have a tag..

This player does support IMA-ADPCM 16000Hz mono 64Kbps wave files when they are placed in the "recorded" folder. But IMA-ADPCM with its 4 bit (if I recall correctly) defeats the purpose of using wave files, which is high quality sound.

It seems to be able to play the "normal" 44.1Khz 16 bit stereo wave files, because it will play them when you use them in an application, but then the file can not be larger than 8 MB.

I'm a little disappointed about this, especially because older Zens were able to handle these files.
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