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I've been running some battery drain tests using build r25338-100325. With my V1 Rockboxed Clip running the current build I get results of between 6hrs. 39 mins. to 6 hrs. 44 mins. using battery bench. I thought this was a great improvement over the around 5+ hours I had been getting. That didn't prepare for this though.

I've found that my Rockboxed 8 GB V2 Clip has a running time of just under 13 hours. I confirmed this with 3 complete charges and 3 almost complete discharges (to 5%). I didn't want to do a complete discharge as I would lose the runtime information when the battery died.

This is simply amazing to me. Somehow the developers have just about doubled the battery life. I hadn't done a discharge test in the OF in quite a while so I'm not sure what I would get there but I do know that it isn't better than this. I had transferred my config.cfg directly from my V1 Clip and am using roughly the same blend of -V4 and -V2 .mp3 files so the running conditions are just about the same.

My hat is off once again to the gifted people at Rockbox. Thank you.
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