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Originally Posted by dkstott View Post
After all of the updates, I still have issues with the touchscreens sensitivity, operation... whatever you may want to call it on my 32G XFI2.

If you have used or tried the touch screen on an ITOUCH, my hunch is that you will be disappointed.

but then again, the Zen costs a bit less than the ITOUCH, so your wallet will be happy.
The touch screen on your itouch responds to electricity generated by your fingertips, rather than pressure, which the zen uses. It isn't as responsive to the pad of your finger, but a fingernail will work perfectly as well as a stylus, giving you precise control over where you touch. The itouch only works with styluses(styli?) that transmit electricity from your fingertips, which means going and buying one from apple. I am used to using my fingernail and/or a stylus to navigate my old pda (back in the day before ipod) so i try using an itouch and sit there for a few seconds getting nowhere with my fingernail before realizing i need to use the pads of my fingers. It's really personal preference: Do you like sloppy control (capacitive touch screen on i-touch) or precise control (resistive touch screen on just about everything else on the market).

The zen sounds better than the itouch too. Just saying.
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