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Unhappy Zen Vision M died... I think.

So basically can I say how much I love this site.
Anywho, I have had my Zen for a while now and I love it to death. Well now it's dead (I think ) and now I don't love it haha.
In the past I would occasionally drop it on the ground. Nothing to it, just dust it off and it continue using. Well I recently whenever I would drop it or set it down on a table the player would freeze. So I would rest it and it would rebuild and continue working. Well now it doesn't work at all. I reset it and it hasn't turned back on. I opened it up to see if there were any loose wires and I found nothing. If I plug it in it, the blue light on the top will flash, but nothing else would happen. My computer doesn't recognize it, I have tried about everything in the book to get it work. I would hate to have to buy a new one; due to the fact I cannot afford it right now.

If anyone has anything that might help that would be appreciated.

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is the battery dead? disconnected? check the battery connector
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Haha just to make sure I didn't forget to plug anything in, I busted it open just to check. After further inspection my motherboard is broken.

Does anyone happen to know where I could possibly by an inexpensive motherboard?
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Hey! Sorry to hear about your motherboard broken. You could go to ebay and find a borken ZVM and use it for parts (just make sure the one you buy has the correct 30 or 60 gig motherboard and make sure it works!)

I think there's a website floating around too that you can buy extra ZVM parts from but i'm not sure what it is.
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I just found a website where you can buy replacement parts for your ZVM, they say that they can install the new parts for you and send it back using insured shipping!

You can buy the 30GB motherboard here:

But unfortunately they don't appear to sell the 60GB motherboard... Well I hope that this helps!

Good luck fixing your player!

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This Ebay seller has them for much less than that site.
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