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Originally Posted by Rob1077 View Post
Hi guys,

Having real problems with the organisation of my music files. I sort them into a folder on my desktop, but when I transfer it on to the zen, the song files arenít in the correct folder, theyíre all over the place.
Is there any easy-to us programme to sort this out? Iím a bit of a nood see.
Itís hard to explain what I mean, Iíll try to give an example.
I download an album off the internet, put it into a folder, for arguments sake call it ĎAí., then when I open ĎAí on my zen, there is maybe one or two music files in it, and the rest are dotted around other places in the other folders, itís a disorganised mess and means I canít listen to a whole album without having to go backwards and forwards.
Is there any easy-to us programme to sort this out? Iím a bit of a noob.
Thanks in advance.
The key to organizing your music on the player are the metadata tags of the music files themselves. Check the tags & make any corrections before you add the files to your music library & transfer to the player. MP3 Tag is good program for that.
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