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Originally Posted by DragonBottles View Post
Really? I can hear a difference, personally. Though, I can't hear a difference with everything.

Particularly with one album, Vargstenen by Manegarm. In any MP3 codec, there's a hissing noise. In FLAC, there isn't. Another big difference is Agalloch - Ashes Against The Grain. There's a few others, too. God Is An Astronaut has so much more depth in lossless.
you, too??
i hear differences, too, because i use wma lossless and some of my songs are in m4a because my little brother has an iPod and they donīt play wma anyway......
and all my songs are ripped form audio CDs so there is a big different between the format... adn mp3 is for me the worsest format ever, because in the songs in this format are missing some sounds... you can even hear this with the earphones came with the p3.....

and...another question...does the p3 play uncompressed wav (PCM)
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