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Originally Posted by Zaffo View Post
In that case it looks like it walks through the code but it ignores some parts. I can think of any reason why that would be the case, but it looks like it. But in that case I find it strange that I go through the menu in my snake. As it is in an another loop than the game and the menu is drawn by a function. Al of which seem to be opened.
I think it can display the menu because you took out the sleeps.
Notepad doesn't crash and can even save the file, and it has an else os.sleep(2) in the main loop, but no function calling. Maybe that's just enough.

I think it's a time-running-out issue, so wait's are a waste of time then .

I guess it could perhaps ignore parts of the code when the app is not in a loop anymore...

Originally Posted by Zaffo View Post
It's a shame idle shutdown isn't supported by the sim.
Haha yeah testing this is pretty time consuming
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