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Default Lyrics with P3!

You want Lyrics on your P3?

Lets go.
Install Emodio and also Lyrics Station.
Copy the files "YPP2_UNICODE_WIDTH_TABLE" and "PlayerInfos.ini" from the Emodio folder and past it in the Lyrics Station main Folder. (Overwirte)

Start Lyrics Station and select P2 and search Lyrics, than Marking.

And it Works.
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Thanks for posting your method of getting lyrics to work. Unfortunately for me I can't use this method. Lyrics Station will not function properly under Vista 64 and I can't get Emodio to install either. That's my fault though as I removed WMP11 prior to installing Vista (vLite) and it is not possible to reinstall WMP11 without doing a complete system re-install.

Well done for figuring out the work-around. I may try this with a VMWare install of XP.

Isn't it strange that there is absolutely no mention or pictures of lyrics in the P3 manual...?
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Hey- I'm glad you found a solution for this and this info will be useful.
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I did this but my P3 is not showing up on the sidebar.
Any Questions?
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umm where can u find the lyrics station main folder..?
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Thanx for the info!

Originally Posted by mL-echo21 View Post
umm where can u find the lyrics station main folder..?
Well, when you download lyric station (eg on rapidshare), you save a .zip file. Unpack it and you'll have a folder! That's the main folder. You can save and unpack it where ever you want!
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