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Default Added mp3s aren't recognized by SPINN

I've updated my firmware to the korean one (if memory does not fail me, it was 2.30) and after that any mp3 that I drop is not recognized by the player. The funny thing is that if I choose "music" I can't find them, but if I choose "files" they're there and can be played (but that's quite a pain to do). The mp3s that were already there before the update are fine, though.

I tried with text files and they're fine; the only issue is the mp3s. Any suggestion besides resetting (already tried) or formatting?
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I had this problem and managed to fix it simply by (you may have already tried this) going into settings > Advanced > and clicking Rebuild Libary, I have to do it after I add new songs which is annoying but it atleast makes the songs show up.
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Oh wow thank you so much! it worked wonders! Well at least we get the songs to appear so I guess it's a tiny sacrifice for the update ^^

Thank you again!
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