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Originally Posted by JTShoe View Post
I had the exact same problem. Firmware upgrades and formatting did not alleviate the problem once I copied all of my files back to the player. I then suspected that perhaps some file(s) on the player was causing the problem. I noticed I still had a large .wav file (~200MB) in the "Recorded" folder from when I had played with that feature months ago. I removed it, and now the player starts up within a few seconds. If I copy the file back to the player, the startup once again takes ~1 minute.

If you have any exceptionally large files on the player, you might try removing them and see if that fixes the problem.
Holy gingersnaps this fixed the problem for me!
I was experiencing the same problem and funnily enough i had also been using the Mic Recording feature and still had a couple of files on the player that i thought i had deleted. After finally deleting them for good the start up times are back to normal.

A bit odd, but i am relieved it was not a bigger issue.
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