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Default Smart DJ Error

Hi all,

I've been a Zune subscriber for several months now, and I've really grown to love the Smart DJ feature of grabbing related tracks from the marketplace. Unfortunately, it has stopped working for some unknown reason (the error code only says "an unknown error has occurred"). At first I thought it had something to do with me installing a new antivirus (Avast) because it stopped working around the same time. Uninstalling Avast, doing a system restore, and even reinstalling my old AV software didn't fix it, though. I use Zonealarm as a firewall, but haven't touched it or any of the settings for a LONG time. Any guesses?
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I can only think of one potential cause... Music has to be linked to the marketplace for this to work. In other words, Smart DJ has to be able to recognize some data about the tracks to be able to create a playlist using it's algorithm. If you suddenly lost the link somehow (hard to's a custom tag in the track itself) I can imagine this happening. Does this give you any sort of clue? Did your music folder somehow get marked 'read-only'? Are you having any other collection snafu's? You just might want to run the zune media collection reset tool if you are... but don't run it on a whim, as you will lose your local playcounts (which messes up autoplaylists based on playcounts.)
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