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Default bug in firmware 1.20.08 with audio

Actually, i did some tests.

volume setting at 25 is BAD in the latest firmware. The sound will lower until pretty much mute. (the behavior is only through the headphones).

I found that the threshold for volume with headphones is 14.
It then works as documented.
Starting at 15 and up. the headphones will drop the volume exponentially. it's weird and it's a bug in the firmware. (latest one, 1.20.08)

As far as sounds that aren't 16bit PCM, 44khz stereo. They actually work, so i am thinking that the API doc is "recommended" and not absolutely necessary for it to work. i got some 11khz MONO sound to work fine witout crashing.

Originally Posted by Brett_val View Post
You're right, the wave from the app "sounddemo" is 11025Hz mono.
I guess that app will crash the player. (didn't try it)

It's true that the player only supports 44.1KHz 16 bit stereo waves, I've found that out the hard way a few times already

To avoid the audiobug, maybe this helps:
Set the volume to a specific level in the loop, so that is is executed all the time:
if audio.volume()~=25 then audio.volume(25) end
or if that doesn't help, just:
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