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Originally Posted by m_k View Post
Whoa! Let's reign it in just a tad, eh? A little LOGIC with that word salad, please!

We're not talking about bought and paid for MP3 files (even though when on the Zune they ARE reported back to Mother). For purposes of ROYALTY PAYMENTS we're talking about reporting per-play data on DRM'd non-MP3 files (the "rented" content that you can only listen to while your account is paid up).

You can NOT take one of THOSE songs, copy it to another player, and listen to it.

PS: "trivial to implement does not mean they do it." -- wow, you don't even OWN a Zune, do you?

I already explained that they ARE doing it. This is not conjecture, this is FACT. Look at the privacy boilerplate, hell, look at the WEBSITE after you've linked your Zune to your account -- you'll SEE that they ARE doing it -- you'll SEE a list of what you've played on your Zune.

So, here's the logic.
1) the post I commented upon referred to royalties on Zune Pass tracks, not 'streamed' zune pass tracks...just 'zune pass tracks.' I clarified that in the current environment royalties apply to streamed tracks, not local tracks, DRM'd or not. That is the current business model, and was established by congress, and is monitored and run by the Copyright Royalty Board, who are a panel of 3 US judges appointed by the US Librarian of Congress.
2) Zune Pass tracks use a variation of Windows Media DRM. Plays-for-Sure is also a variant of Windows Media DRM. Guess what? Zune DRM'd tracks will play in Windows Media Player. They will also play on Plays-for-Sure compliant devices when sync'd on via WMP (for now's completely unsupported and not at all well known.) Obviously, these play counts are not being phoned home.
3) I am not disputing that the zune software phones home. But it can only do so for what it knows about.
4) I own 2 zunes, and in fact am a Zune MVP. I do know a bit about this stuff...'s a good and interesting discussion

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