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Default Shuffle through a single artist

In previous iriver models (e.g. Clix), I could navigate to a single artist and play/shuffle through all of that artist's songs. Now with the SPINN it seems like I can only do that within a single album. How can I play all the songs from a certain artist?

I should probably mention that I didn't use iriver's media software (iriver plus 3), I just dragged and dropped my music into the SPINN.
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What firmware are you running? I have just updated mine to 2.32 and there is now a play all function, so if you go to a particular artist then play all on shuffle setting. This was not on old firmware of 2.10. Hope this helps.
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Sorry for the delayed response, but:

- Actually, mine came with 1.21
- The iriver website only seems to offer 2.1 (not 2.32) as a possible download...
- I can't even get my player to download the 2.1 firmware! The website's "firmware updater" button does nothing, and the iriver plus software doesn't even recognize my device when it's plugged in!

Any suggestions?
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time for you to use iriver plus 3 lol it updates ur SPINN to the lastest firmware!
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