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Thanks Bamboozle, as you can tell I just didn't know what to expect with the video capabilities of the player. After reading the reviews I guess I mistook multiple format support for ease of video transfer , oh well, live and learn. I am going to give the SimplexDivX a try.

BramDB, ripped the DVD again so the .VOB is 1 file but I could not find the setting for thread priority low. I right clicked on "task" but no pull down menu was there, I check the options but still could not find this setting. I am trying one more time to convert the single VOB file, we'll see how long that takes.

UPDATE: So far the single file .VOB has been 70% converted in 46 minutes. Looks like 1 hour to convert a 2 hour 15 minute movie, I'm good with that. I did forget to plug in my notebook computer and it shut down. DOH! started back up where it left off once the power was plugged in.

UPDATE2: Conversion complete. 59 minutes. Converted file 433 MB. The video is fine but the sound seems to playing 10X to slow. I tried to speed up the play speed but it only helped the sound a little bit. Looks like there is still more work to do.

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