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Originally Posted by lestatar View Post
Interesting Amar89. Have you actually had this happen? What is "incredibly large album art" in your opinion?

I never knew this to be a fact, but always assumed that it could happen with overly large tag-embedded artwork. Actually, this is one reason why all along, until pretty recently, I never embedded artwork in my mp3 tags - for fear of damaging the files themselves.
Incredibly large as in, entirely impractical sizes.
If you want to test for yourself, try embedding something like a 1280x1024 or larger .jpeg on a particular track and you may find a few seconds missing from the beginning, not to mention your player will usually take a few seconds to load the song cover art before it actually plays the song.

When an ID3 tag is edited, the .mp3 file has to be "re-saved" with the new attributes, so it is technically "re-compressed" (just as if it's been re-encoded again) and if there is a huge amount of metadata to be save on the ID3 layer it can sometimes cut off portions of the .mp3.

Having said that, I have recently taken the plunge and updated all 14k mp3 tracks in my collection with embedded artwork, using image sizes up to 600x600, but never more than around 75k file sizes.
I've found anything over 200Kb in size or 800 pixels square will usually cause my S-545 to take about 2-3 seconds to load the song before it plays it.
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