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Default switch sansa fuse memory ship for sansa e250 chip?

hey, my friend's sansa fuse's screen cracked real bad and i offered to try to get his 8gb memory into my e250's casing so. i have looked at both of the chips online and i dont think its compatible. does anyone know if its possible to switch them?
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You'd have to double check the pins on the NAND chips, but they might be switchable. I think it would be really hard to unsolder them though without damaging the chips.
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Sounds pretty dubious even if it can be done at all. Woot was selling refurn 4gb fuzes for ~30 bucks shipped a couple nights ago--is a bunch of SMT rework worth your while for such a cheap device?

On the other hand I've been wondering if it's possible to transplant 8gb of memory from a Clip to an M200 v4 which uses similar hardware. I like the m200 form factor and battery better than the Clip, but the m200 series now only goes up to 2gb. So the transplant would create something that Sandisk and everybody else doesn't seem to offer for sale.
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