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Originally Posted by lestatar View Post

This is excellent information IMO - thanks so much for the legwork. Your deduction about why MediaMonkey and Winamp seem to handle pre-1900A.D. dates properly likely due to the presence of their own MTP drivers seems totally logical.

This could explain some nagging issues I have read about here at ABi regarding some year tags getting lost for some folks during transfer operations to their Sony devices.

This also would explain my own success with transferring my music 100% intact to my Sony E [and other DAPs] via Winamp.

So folks clearly have a choice. Perhaps Content Transfer is not as bad as I think it is, especially since I never even installed it on my machines to give it a try. :-)

In any event, great effort Strephon - hopefully this information will help Sony users in the future.

I agree that Content Transfer (CT) is not a bad piece of software, just very simple. In some ways, it's even easier to drag-and-drop files on your player with CT than it is with Windows Explorer since it automatically takes care of putting the files in the correct locations on your player.

I haven't encountered the issue with pre-1900 dates on my player, but that hasn't been much of an issue for me since all of my music has a post-1900 date. One of the reasons I sought out Content Transfer was so that I could drag-and-drop files on to my player and have the date appear (something that didn't happen when I drag-and-drop via Windows Explorer).
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