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You might have a point there, though I've way to go before I got anywhere near as complex as, say, the compressor menu.

Could it be that it's the wording I chose that's awkward? I'll have a think about ways to make it more intuitive.

Rockbox by default doesn't have a sleep timer menu, just a one-shot, volatile timer that you can set the duration of from the system/ time & date menu. If I was to do away with the menu I'd created, replacing it with just an persistent on/ off value, there would be no way to say how long that timer should be (stripping back the stock functionality somewhat) - is that what you were suggesting?

The three options I added in the menu I created were designed to be as flexible and quick to use as possible;

1) Activate /deactivate the timer: Analogous to the stock operation, I imagined most people would enter the menu and just choose this option. I thought messing about with durations to switch the thing on every time was clumsy itself.
2) Set the value you'd like to use from now on.
3) Permanent sleep timer
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