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Originally Posted by nikc4 View Post
Bluetooth is a low quality transfer system. No matter how good your BT 'phones are, they are still receiving a bluetooth signal, so you won't get great results if you compare them to a quality pair of wired cans (my ATH-M50, for example). It's also a waste of battery that could get you from a good 20 hours of listening time down to about 4. But, personal preference and all that, do what you want.

I don't think anyone was saying that BT sound is as good as a quality wired setup. I believe they are saying that with DNSe it can really improve it from what typical BT sound is like.

Because BT compresses the sound, pitting BT to wired is like pitting vinyl records to FM radio. Not a fair comparison.

Simply, people here are saying.... As far as BT goes, DNSe (and higher bitrate) helps quite a lot.
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