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Thanks for all of the replies. The skipping seems to have stopped with the newer build mentioned. Now I've got a new (and possibly more serious) problem.

The battery, when connected via USB to the computer and other sources seems to be charging SOMETIMES, deciding not to charge other times, and other times reporting a DIScharge after hours of connection (in both OF and RB). Last night it charged for 2 hrs to about 97% (which RB predicts to last less than 10 hrs), I plugged it back in to finish the charge - woke up and now its about 50% charged as reported in both firmwares.
I also noticed that sometimes when I plug it in to charge, the green indicator inside the battery icon will animate quickly for a minute (or minutes) and then stop moving, only to report later no activity (no additional charge), minimal charging, or even discharge.
Any suggestions? I purposefully ran it until it drained last night before the 97% charge (actually, I charged it for about an hour, it only reached about 25% charge, and then plugged it back in and after another 2 hrs THEN reached 97%). I'm thinking of trying to re-install the Sansa or RB (or both) - perhaps I screwed something up when I did the Sansa update after the RB install the first night.

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