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Originally Posted by JxK View Post
If you tend to listen to music at very low volumes, this actually makes alot of sense. Human hearing becomes substantially less sensitive to bass and treble at low volume. And the lower the volume becomes, the less sensitive our perception of the extremes of the frequency range. So for someone like you who prefers to listen to music very quietly, using a V shaped EQ would be necessary to maintain a natural sound.

And for an earphone that requires higher volume levels to be enjoyed, like the sm3, you'll need less V shape since your hearing is more optimized.
Yes, it seems many discrepancies of how some people perceive some phones so vastly different can be attributed to how loud or quiet they listen to it. The human equal-loudness contour is a wondrous thing.

Originally Posted by JxK View Post
Hah, does that mean they're grados done right?
I should try blasting Grados and Etys on full volume, maybe I like them then.

Originally Posted by Xinz View Post
woah, finally.
Well, I explained why it took so long.

Originally Posted by Xinz View Post
From your point of view, seems like um3x with better bass and bigger soundstage.
Talking about instrument separation, my UM3X has a tendency that parts where the vocals come in, the background music seems "pushed back" or "toned down", does SM3 have this issue?
And about details, do you encounter in your 1 month use moments in your music that you can distinctively tell where one background music or instrument is coming from(left/right) compared to other phones you used? Cos that is 1 trait of my UM3X also.
The way you describe it, it sounds like your UM3X are boosted in the vocal range, the 1-4kHz region. The SM3 sound very homogeneous (despite the outstanding treble), no "ducking", no compressor effect I ever noticed.

With details you seem to mean the stereo imaging, as I understand it? Well, the SM3 are top notch, as I wrote. Pretty much in the same league as the UE11 - which is really good as far as balanced armature IEMs go. They're not magically wide like some dynamic driver IEMs, like the FX700, V-Moda Vibe, and such, but the SM3 have really accurate pin-point instrument separation and localization.

And yeah, there were some "wow" encounters I had with the SM3's stereo imaging, where some rather unexpected sounds came from unexpected locations - in music tracks I am familiar with.
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