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Thanks for the great review!

The part that really caught my eye was the paragraph on you needing a long time to adjust to them. This is a much needed perspective in the world of headphones as it is an important temper on all the "Best headphone ever" and "Perfect headphone" comments that are constantly thrown around.

A lot of times these concepts like "natural" and sometimes even "neutral" really boil down to the sound signature you are used to. If you listen to any comfortable and technically competent headphone for long enough, it starts sounding natural and perhaps even neutral. That's the beauty of the human brain and its plasticity.

I am slightly confused by your comments on the SM3 treble. You say it's in the same class as the PFE but then say it's slightly recessed. Do you mean in comparison to the mids?

I'm curious to see where you place it in your IEM chart.

In my experience, dynamics tend to "mush" everything together once increasingly complex material is introduced. Sometimes this results in the material sounding "wider", "broader" and "lush", but it's less detailed. Is this the effect you're referring to?
Part of the problem is that a number of popular dynamic IEMs tend to have a lot of energy at the lower end of the spectrum. Especially if you are not used to it, this has the psychoacoustic effect of making everything sound like smashed together or that instruments are climbing all over each other.
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