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Wanted to post an update: This worked perfectly.

Setting up the files to be in the same path as before was unnecessary as when I copied over the \Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Zune folder (I copied the whole folder to be safe, and so I wouldn't need to re-download apps) the Zune software settings for library locations didn't copy over. So I just put the music where I wanted it and set up the folder monitoring and everything got added.

The rating hearts came along with the App Data folder, play counts did not. The play counts were all zero until I signed into my Zune account, at which point the play counts became accurate. Weird. So they either store play counts for every song with your account, or there is some kind of authentication involved with it where you need to access your account to unlock them(doubtful).

The only other issue I had was that the first time I copied my files over it replaced the created on date with the current date, so all my "added to library" dates got messed up. After I realized this I re-copied everything using Teracopy instead which maintained the correct created date and fixed my added dates.

So everything is now exactly how it was before, except on a much beefier more modern machine!
Thanks for all the help!
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