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Originally Posted by Hi-Tek View Post
The first screenshot where the blue arrow is pointing at. Then look at the second screenshot it doesn't show that. All songs are there in the second screenshot are present & no artist tab is showing like on the first screenshot.
Do you kinda get it now?
that's normal for albums where the song artists are different from song to song. Compare the two albums by looking at the tags. On the one with no artist column you will see that that song artists match identically from song to song. On the other one, you'll see multiple song artists. You can test it easily...edit an album that doesn't show that artist column. Change the song artist on one song by adding something to it... the column will pop in. Set it back to normal...the column will disappear. It could even be a tag glitch, such as "Lupe Fiasco " for one song, and "Lupe Fiasco" (no extra space...) for another song. If you can make it go away by re-downloading, then it's likely that you are accidentally doing something like this, or you have some other media application that's doing it.
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