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no, actually companies also sell bulk, white box versions of their products, At least every company I have delt with or worked for that made electronics has.

Worked for Sharp for a while and we shipped a hell of alot of "white box" caculators to businesses and schools, they where still inventoried as retail products(for warranty prepossess) but they weren't in the retail package.

Hell, a computer shop I worked for once bought a case of OEM (white box) creative mp3 players(those little ones that where like a usb stick that plugged into a AAA batt holder to power them) got them direct from creative for a good price, resold them, creative gave them a full warr, only bad thing was they shipped the players and headphones/extras in seprate boxes and the extras(headphones and such) where just tossed into the box no orginization at all......sure they where wrapped but it was still a chore deviding them out b4 we could box up the players for sale(they sold like mad, it was truely insain...and they sucked to boot LOL)

but yeah, mine at least was new, and its quite likely there are alot of overstock old stock v1's out there still.

and if you mean OEM packaging as in the plastic sleve thing, yeah, unlike my last 3 referbs it was in the plastic cover my retail one came in, the last 3 referbs i got where just wrapped directly in foam or bubble wrap or the like, this was in the same sleve(for lack of a better term) that the new units come in, Im waiting on my BSE before I start actually using it much, its black so it shows fingerprints like nothing else, and i also dont want it getting any scratches/marks, my silver fuze got dropped on pavement and has a few minor scratches that really bug me.......but OCD about my stuff to stay in excellent condition!!!
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