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Originally Posted by theRose View Post
I know I am complaining at this point but...

Why is it that every time I plug in my Zune I have to wait 10-15 minutes for it to sync each song 1 to 3 times? I cant even add songs until it is done. I even have everything on total manual sync (because otherwise Zune likes to delete my music...) but I can't stop this sync.

Also is there a no-nonsense simple music updater out there for Zune? I don't need pretty, I need something that works.

Again sorry for the complaints,
1) Sync...? or updating? I suspect updating. It's counting your playcounts and sync'ing those to your collection.
2) Manual sync is a bad choice for most folks. You give up lots of good features, including autoplaylists. On auto sync, your software sync's changes in your collection to your device. It will only do that, so if it deletes something from your device, it's because of a change on the PC (song removed, autoplaylist refreshed, etc.) You can definitely manage this to avoid issues if you look into it. It's pretty well covered in the online user guide, but post away if you have questions.

But, the slowness is strange... You may want to reinstall the USB driver.

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