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Help black screen horrible buzzing noise

my mozaic kept getting stuck yesterday, i had to reset many times. now if I try to turn it on, or reset, or plug it in...anything...first it gives me the Creative screen without problems then it gets stuck on a black screen and emits an HORRIBLE buzzing noise. if I reset it does the same again. It's really hot right now, so I suppose it has to do with temperature. Is the battery dead or damaged?


1)there's a red light- i thought that the red light had to do with low battery (and actually sometimes it says "low battery" for a change, even though the bar was 80% full before)

2)i can easily upload and download files without problems

3)after about 1 minute of buzzing while keeping it plugged in it stopped and now it seems to be charging batteries???
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Hmmm...I don't have one of these players but I did read in various sites where defective USB ports have been overcharging players. I suggest to try a different computer to see if you get the same results. However, there could also be a possibility that the charging circuit in your player is damaged.
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battery, black screen, buzzing, heat

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