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Default Music Library and Creative Centrale! Need Help!

Hey guys, I have a couple of questions that you guys hopefully have answers for.

First off, Creative Centrale. I WANT to use this interface, but it isnt recognizing my player. It isnt detecting it. Is there something I need to do first or should it have detected my player from the get go?

Second, My music library. Because Creative Centrale isnt recognizing my X-fi, Im using Windows Explorer to transfer music files to my X-fi Via the my computer menu. I transferred my music files from my old Zen to my New X-fi. All fine well and told, and after some help from you guys, managed to make some playlists with a little help from winamp. Everything is all fine all told, until I opened the music subfolder to add more, and I found that the number of files increased. Apparently every artist has its own folder now, and they didnt have one before. Its like my X-fi decided to make carbon copies of all the music files it already has.

Granted the files i transferred from my old zen were the Music files, so The files were composed of multiple artists themselves, One file would have multiple artists in it. (EX: Japanese Music would have Daisuke Ono, Hikaru Utada, etc) So my question is is this a common occurance? or is it a glitch?
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About the first question... make sure you have the latest firmware installed on your X-Fi2 ( ) Other than that I'm not sure, I have tried to avoid the Creative software.

About the second question... hopefully by fixing the first it will allow you to correct the second. However, I think I have seen a similar "problem." On my player, the files with multiple artists show up separately under those artists but the actual file is not copied.
I have my music in a folder hierarchy on my X-Fi2 like this: 'Music\ArtistName\AlbumName\SongName.mp3' though I usually have whole albums on the player and not single tracks.

I hope this helps a little. I am not sure what to make of the "carbon copies" of your music files. If I find out anything else I'll post it.
If you have a question, please ask. I am more than happy to help.

Your friendly neighborhood
Dark Lord
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Okay! Well there's been a new development. The big brains at Creative told me to try using Centrale, so now I am. It shows 30 less tracks in one of my folders than there actually are, but that's the only folder that's showing up incorrectly. So IF I copy everything using Centrale, I won't GET everything. How do I get Centrale to find those 30 missing tracks? Why are they missing?
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Are you sure those 30 files are tracks? They could be playlist (.m3u) or pictures or something Centrale didn't search for.

Other than that I have no idea.. I don't like Centrale and I found that it's not needed anyway, so I didn't even install it again after a format.
Hmm on a second thought,.. since you have the X-Fi (1) which is an MTP device, Centrale might offer additional funcionality..

edit: I read in another thread you already fixed the track-problem..

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Creative Centrale is one of the worst programs i have ever used. i just uninstalled it and used the good old fashioned, drag > drop > go using windows explorer.
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