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Default Zen work with a mac?

I just got my Zen in the mail today and tried putting the CD in my drive doesn't work wants me to DL the creative centrale software and user guide but my problem is is that it's for a pc and im on a mac?! do i need to watch this CD or is there somewhere i can DL it for a mac? and can i DL songs from my ITunes??? This is all so confusing!?!?! HELP ME
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Does the downloaded software not work on a mac?

This DAP does not support the AAC format so iTunes songs will not work, sorry. You should have done some research before you bought it if you wanted to use iTunes songs. (assuming they are the newer unprotected ones)

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If those AACs are unprotected then I think you can just convert them to mp3.

Which Mozaic do you have? Zen Mozaic EZ Series (300/200/100) are MSC devices so they work as a standard usb disk, I don't have a mac but I think that would just work out of the box.

If it's an MTP device like the older Moziac (without EZ) then I think you'll need to find some third-party software to make it work.. there's also an itunes plugin for zens, maybe that will work for you.
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