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Originally Posted by glove4 View Post
The X-Fi 2 has solid sound quality in my opinion, no better or worse than many other players available. The crucial factor in making it better is upgrading your headphones. I wouldn't worry so much about Creative's sound quality so much as getting a top-notch set of IEM's or headphones to go with it.
Thank you for that, its just people at Head Fi seem to always bash Creative like their a pile of junk, but I suppose everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Ive always loved the SQ of Creative players no matter what others say.

Ohh and dont worry about good headphones because this is what I have:

1. AKG K450
2. Audio Technica ATH-ES7
3. Grado SR80
4. Allesandro MS1
5. Klipsch Image S4

Plus my seperate CMOY/Headphone amps consist of BurrBrown/TI and Analog Devices opamp chips, Nichicon and WIMA Caps and Vishay Dale Resistors.
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