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Default interested in learning LUA

Hi peeps, i'm new, i just the Zen X-Fi2 and i'm interested in learning the lau apps development...
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Thread title (original 'Hi') changed.
Thread moved with redirect to 'Zen X-Fi2 Applications & Development'.
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First it calls lua
And second just download lua and start the tutorial
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Originally Posted by SamX-Fi2 View Post
Hi peeps, i'm new, i just the Zen X-Fi2 and i'm interested in learning the lau apps development...
Download the Application Development Kit, it contains two pdf's with information and also the simulator.

Get Notepad++, it's really helpful while typing the code.

Thievingsix's Lua Wiki is fantastic, it's a list of all the commands the X-Fi2 will understand.

Check out, but not everything on there will be supported by the Zen, so that's why Thievingsix's list is so helpful.

Lastly, download other applications for the X-Fi2 and see how they are build up and which commands they use.

Just play around with the simulator, it will tell you where the errors are.
If you have problems or questions, search this forum or just ask them here
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Some simple applications you might find useful.

Simple menu layout (loads of explaining comments, it's made by me btw)
Strobe light
Easy button
Sad quotes (also made by me)
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