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Default Building the database

I'm trying to initialize the database on my fuze v2. I tell it to initialize and it starts "building the database" but after 5 hours it's STILL loading the database. How long is it supposed to take?

I've looked in the manual but I couldn't find anything...
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I've never timed it, but it's super fast for my 6gb e200 or even faster on my 2gb clip, so I'd say something is wrong but I'm not sure what.

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On my Fuze, it took about 20 minutes to load for the first time. Are you using a microsd?
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No, I'm not using an SD card.

I only have like 6 GB of music on there...
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Hey, no expert...suggest you wait for saratoga or funman who usually peruse these forums but I will suggest you select UPDATE NOW in the database options screen.

My initial db setup took only a few minutes on a full 8GB+16GB Fuze v2.

Also, what RB build are you using?

good luck,
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It should not take this long... My fully packed 32gb MicroSDHC card only takes about 15 minutes to build the database.

You probably need to check your tags. There might be a file with a corrupted tag or something like it on your player that stops the building. I had this problem once and went over all my tags with Mp3Tag (check Useful Tools in the Rockbox wiki). After that, it worked like a charm...
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As mentioned above, comb through your tags with and try again.

Also try using chkdsk on your Fuze's internal memory.
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another thing i do with any fuze/clip device that i find thats having troubles, format it with the sdformater (google it) it clears any problems to do with file system and tends to speed up file transfer a noticeable amount.
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Thanks for all the help, guys.

lestatar, I tried choosing "update now" but it didn't seem to work. I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "what build?" are you asking whether I'm using the current or daily?

I downloaded mp3tag and honestly, I don't know what I'm doing. I don't really have the time to go through all my files manually. What exactly am I looking for?
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