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Glad it's working for you. Sadly my only current copy of DSOTM is some jacked up SACD "remaster" with wildly varying volume levels. Even Replaygained it's still enough to be distracting. No worry, I'll learn how to fix it...someday. BTW it's not just albums like DSOTM and live albums that play without a gap. With a decent desktop player like foobar2000 or XMPlay everything plays with no gaps.

What I meant by not messing with the settings is that out the box the default Converter settings will probably give you very nice rips. When you've done a little listening and testing you will naturally adjust the rip settings to what suits you. Or not.

After some ABX testing I found the default settings for .mp3 and ogg vorbis were actually a bit high for what I need for on the go. Lowering the settings some lets me put quite a few more tunes on my player without missing out on quality. YMMV.
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