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Thumb Up Thanks to Developers! Car Adapter Mode is useful again!

r27837: AMSv2: don't reboot on USB plug

Users will have to reboot to OF manually or to power off, and then plug USB
No message is displayed because usb_detect() is run from a tick

This lacks documentation but should be OK for Unstable devices, and
will hopefully prevent clueless users from opening their devices and
breaking them definitely, instead of waiting for the battery to power

r27836: Small change to sansa fuze keymap.

Move stop from long home to long play/pause in wps, browsers and fm screen.
In the fm screen that means switching between scan and preset is now on long home.
Move stop from the power switch to long play/pause in the hid multimedia mode.
Update manual keymaps.
Thanks to Rafael and Nils for giving the Fuze v2 a nod.

I know that it was a work-around for a potentially freeze-inducing bug, but the don't reboot on USB plug fix made Car Adapter Mode useful again. I say "again" because the Sansa replaced my broken e200 which is an important part of my commute and car adapter mode makes Fuze charging and powering up/down almost automatic. Thanks Rafael!

Also, thanks to Nils for fixing the keymap so that long play/pause = stop. I had to look STOP up in the manual to find the long home. Long play/pause is consistent with other ports and is more logical.

I want to express thanks for ALL contributors to rockbox for making my life easier and more feature filled. :P
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