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Default Fuze V2 RockBox Updates

2 important updates I just spoted and tested I thought I should share.

1. AMSv2: don't reboot on USB plug

Users will have to reboot to OF manually or to power off, and then plug USB
No message is displayed because usb_detect() is run from a tick

This lacks documentation but should be OK for Unstable devices, and
will hopefully prevent clueless users from opening their devices and
breaking them definitely, instead of waiting for the battery to power

2. Sansa AMSv2: enable PLLB and use it to generate a more accurate PCM frequency (playback rate error improves from 1.1% to 0.04%)

All I can say is thank god on the USB thing, about 1/2 the time i ended up restarting into OF when trying to hold button and plugin to charge the player.

and unlike the last attempted fix for the error rate issue this one dosnt mess up sd card support!!!
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Thanks for the update, I'm glad to see that Rockbox for Fuze v2 is being worked on at the moment. I'll be getting a Fuze v2 in about two weeks and the folks over on the Rockbox forums said that Rockbox for the Fuze v2 would be finished in a couple of months. Maybe they'll be more updates before I get mine.
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you will like the fuze, I love my 2 fuzes, just work great
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So this update will let you charge the player with USB but if you want to connect with USB you have to restart?
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Yeah, basically it does what it used to do if you held down select while plugging in USB all the time. This is just until we figure out why the USB driver crashes on the v2 or figure out why sometimes people's fuzes crashed on reboot.
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this is a godsend to me and many others who hated having to hold the button down, you could add a reboot to of option to the menu if people find it to inconvenient to restart the player with the power switch.

I want to say, till there is full usb support, I would prefer it to stay this way, I prefer to not have to hold a button down to stay in RB when i want to charge the player(Because alot of the time i listen as i charge)
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As I'd mentioned in a previous thread, it also makes Car Adapter Mode useful. It was pretty useless before when you had to hold the button or unplug the adapter when turning on your vehicle. It's seamless now. It works as it logically should.
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