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Default Need a recommendation

I'm looking for a small flash-based MP3 player for when i'm mountain biking/exercising. So far i've narrowed it down to cowon's F2 and the Zen V. So far i've done a decent amount of research and i'm liking the F2's drag&drop ability and support for FLAC. I hadn't even really considered the Zen V until reading a bunch on these forums about Cowon and Creative having the best sound quality. So i'm taking another look at it.

A few things i'm looking for is being able to "blind/semi blind navigate" while riding. I see both players don't have exactly large buttons but i the only player i see that does is the shuffle and i'd rather not go there. I'm also trying to get the best quality sound for the price of around $120ish. Video doesn't matter to me.

I see you guys (girls) seem pretty knowledgeable about these, i'd ask you what your thoughts are. Also if you have any suggestions other than these too, let me know. Thanks!
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I bought my Zen V Plus primarily to use while running/working out (although I use it a lot more than that now). I like it. It is tiny and unobtrusive and seems fairly rugged (mine dropped from about 5 feet onto our tile kitchen floor -- no scratches, still works). Best of all, it sounds great.

Regarding biking, you will be navigating blind/semi blind. The Zen V has an OLED screen, and those are hard to view outdoors, even in indirect sunlight. That's really one of the only criticisms I can make of the player. I've learned to live with it.

I think the Zen V has a simple and intuitive interface that works well in conjunction with the joystick. Once you get used to it, you can do a lot blindly. Also, when I exercise, I wear the player strapped to my arm. One nice thing about the Zen V is that you can adjust the display (and control) orientation in 90-degree increments so it's more convenient to use.

FLAC support is great, but I think it's wasted on a 2G player, which I believe is the limit for the F2. Your storage will be maxxed out pretty quickly with FLAC files. You'll get a lot more mileage -- and very decent audio -- with VBR or even 192 kbps CBR.
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I agree.
I also have used the V+ 'blind' whilst cycling, and also walking to work (not nearly as much fun )

As long as you put the songs you want on a playlist, all you really need is forward, back and maybe play/pause. The little joystick on the V+ makes it pretty simple - just feel for the joystick, that's your forward/back, and press just above that and that's your play/pause.

Never tried the Cowon, so can't compare, but the V+ is a simple enough player to use on the go, and as metioned before fairly tough. That way if you lose concentration on a steep hill, you may break a bone or two, but your player might hold up
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