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i notice one thats missing that alot of people i know really like.


I dont use management software, but alot of people I know do and alot of them have told me over and over that they really like DT, I ran across it just before T-Mobile started supporting it as their sync software, it works with pretty much any mobile device thats not strictly locked to specific software(looks at zune's mtp-z in disgust).

If you want/need easy or know somebody who does, give it a look, its FAR easier then mediamonkey, anybody who would give a noob mediamonkey is a sadist, its great for advanced users but for most people, its just to advanced/complicated(my mother would go crosseyed and she was able to learn to drag and drop load the player in 3 lessons)

as to songbird, the last time it tried to use it(i like to test software, its a hobby) it was pretty bad, I mean the IDEA was good, but the execution was...flawed, just didnt work well for me at all...
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