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Default Rebellious folders staging coup in windows explorer

Hi everyone,

My girlfriend just got an S Series for her birthday and we're trying to load some music onto it.

We both really value good folder structure, and prefer not to use syncing software to transfer music.

So we're making folders inside the MUSIC folder, mostly by artist, then album, the usual.

But then we'll do a double take and see that an album folder in one artist directory has also been duplicated in 2 other artists directories. And then we try to delete the duplicates and it also deletes the original. And then some directories that we made will suddenly disappear on us. Then we'll remake that folder, then there will be two of them again.

Folders are duplicating, bilocating, teleporting, and playing all sorts of supernatural cat-mouse games with us.

What the heck is going on??
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Hey there, congrats on the S - a fine player indeed....

Believe you are experiencing a core limitation of the Sony S/E series - they are not true MSC devices out of the box where you can treat it like a usual flash data drive and make folders on it.

The Sonys are really MTP devices and I find they work best that way. I use Winamp daily to flawlessly manage all aspects of my Sony E.

It is possible under Win machines to get the Sony S/E to function as psuedo MSC devices with drag/drop folders - however, i forget the links to the appropriate threads at the moment. This just came up recently as well for someone else.

Will try to find the thread but perhaps someone else can chime in...


btw, best thread title I have seen here in a while
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Here's the link to how to have your computer recognize your Sony as a drive instead of music device.

One precaution, this does not make the Sony into a MSC device. It causes the computer that it's done on to install the MSC driver for the player. If you connect to another MTP enabled computer it will still recognize the player as an MTP device. If you add files or folders on that computer the rebellion starts again.

However that doesn't stop the "home" computer from continuing to see the player as a drive. When you reconnect there it will still be seen as a drive letter.
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