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Default Lag in time display and gapless playback

Originally Posted by neonez
Yeah, I've noticed that on mine too even when listening to songs with a onstant bit rate.

It doesn't really matter that much but its a little anoying. i just hope that video with the new firmware including gapless playback isn't fake.
Yeah, gapless playback would be really cool (I've got a lot of live CDs ripped to MP3), but I've read that the MP3 files would need to be slightly changed, as well as the player (the firmware, I mean). This is the link (to Nomadness):

Overall I think the gap between tracks in the ZV:M is very short and, sometimes, hardly noticeable (some players out there have gaps ranging from 1 to 3 seconds!!). I often hear only that "click" sound between the tracks.

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