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Oh i like squaretrade, but the nice thing about going with bb is its an instant gratification thing, normally they will have something most people would be willing to swap out for.

I have yet to run into a problem returning anything to bestbuy, enlarge they are just not paid enought to really care why your returning anything, they want your paperwork or bb card OR the ph# the item was bought under, then they let you either go grab a replacement or give you a card, I mean it is a bit of a pain that they give you a card, BUT the ability to swap out stuff instantly(no wait for shipping and such) really is handy, so your paying for convenience if nothing else.

Oh and I have yet to ever have them test anything I have taken back beyond when they checked my t10 to make sure it was really the one i said it was(we got 3 at the same time, mine was larger capacity), even then, they only sort of looked, i dont think they even really knew where to check for
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