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I'm super excited because my Colonization app is just a few weeks away from completion! I have decided that I will distribute it earlier than it's formal release date for a select few. All I want from you is a little feedback concerning the game; simply your thoughts. If you would be interested in testing Colonization, please Private Message me, and include your email address, which I will use only for sending the code to you.

Please note: you must have the ZEN X-Fi2 Simulator from Creative installed on your computer to test my app. Just go to the above link and click on "Download the ZEN X-Fi2 ADK (including documentation)" at the bottom of the purple box.

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[Thread moved into development section since it is not a finished game being posted]

That sounds awesome! I wish I knew that well when my project could be finished, but I'm still learning as I go along so it's slow, and my working time is sooo limited right now. Which also means I unfortunately can't help you beta testing even though I'd love to.
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