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Default Bitrates and earbuds

Originally Posted by neonez
i wouldn't worry about it. if anything it will only lower the battery life a teeny tiny tiny bit. so little that you wouldn't even notice. lithion batteries charges decrease over time but thats with normal use and you can't really do anything about it. i would go for it as long as you don't use the earbuds that are packed in.
Thanks for the advice, neonez. About the earbuds I really don't like the sound of those that come with the ZV:M. I used to wear the ones that Philips sells here in Brazil and they're good, but I've decided to spend some more cash to buy something better.

So I've bought the earbuds from Sharp (MD33S). I'm not an audiophile, but I loved the sound crispness and the bass of those things (I listen to a broad range of styles, from heavy metal to electronic music, and they doesn't disappoint in any genre I have in my music library).

For US$ 39 (plus shipping) on Audiocubes, I think they're a really good choice.
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