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Originally Posted by No2iZod View Post
BTW, when replacing the HDD, what did you use? I think I read ppl used HDDs for iPod, are those the same size? How about laptop HDDs? And was it hard to crack the case open?
I sent mine out to be repaired due to a failed hard drive. I ended up upgrading the hard drive size and had the service company do the work for me with a (3) month warranty. I went to, which I highly recommend. I was find paying the price to have someone else do it. You can save ~$25-50 doing yourself, but you own all the risk.

Originally Posted by No2iZod View Post
Last thing I was wondering about, what kind of case do you use? I had originally thought abo......hereby protecting the reported easily-scratchable Slider screen.
I have the Incipio metal slide case and found it to be very nice and sturdy. Very good quality and the company is reputable. I also have a sleak black silicon case (not the tough clunky one) which I currently use. I also have a screen protector film I added. Not sure of the manufacturer.

Originally Posted by No2iZod View Post
OK, Z80 finally has enough charge to power on. Hmmm... don't see any EQ under Settings>Music, only Shuffle, Repeat, and Artists. I bet it is due to the firmware. It came with 2.5, and since I have not loaded the Zune app yet, it has not been updated. Was the EQ added in a FW update?
Upgrade to the new software and it should show up. You should also have games added too.
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