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Just read this, and i think you should know, Macs and Cowon Players don't go well together...

At least not my Cowon i9 16gb with my school's mac pcs.

It makes my i9 freeze up everytime i do a "Safe Eject" on the macs, and sometimes even when I just pull it out.

The only way I know how to fix it, is to:
1. Reset the player using the small hole at the bottom near the USB port
2. Plug into a PC and back up any files you need (You'll be formatting)
3. Through (My) Computer, right click on the i9 and format it, do a quick format setting.
4. Once done, start the player back up again and set whatever you need to.

Horrible, i know, but i learnt from then not to mix my i9 with Macs. THEY'RE EVIL I TELL YOU. EVIL! (They kill i9's after all )
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