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Default Startup freeze (reset not helping)

I just received my Cowon iaudio 9 today. I must say i'm on mac (snow leopard.)

When i first tested, it worked fine.

After, i put 3-4 avi videos, it started messing up. Would freeze all the time, wouldn't show the music files, and freeze in the music menu or on videos. Nothing helped. So i installed again the last firmware (1.14), didn't help. I thought maybe one firmware before (1.13) would help. After installing it with success, it froze in the startup. It's been like that since then. When i reset it, the starting process freezes with the red bar only 1/5 of the whole length. Over and over.
When i connect it to usb, it won't show up on my desktop neither so i can't even format it!

Please provide me with some help!
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I really hope somebody can help. Cowon gave me the standard "format it and install the new firmware" answer without even reading that it doesn't show up on the computer.

I just tried on the PC, and while it recognise there is a USB device, it can't install it (probably because it is in this frozen mode). So it's impossible for me to format it.

I guess i'll have to send it back for repair/replacement, unless somebody has an easier solution?
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Cowon i9's don't work very well on a Mac. They make my i9 freeze all the time. I'm not sure what to tell you. I've learnt this the hard way.

Have you tried this to connect to the pc by first turning the i9 off, then connecting it to the PC?
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