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Originally Posted by lestatar View Post
Guys, I have asked around on Rockbox irc on a similar topic. I noticed that my v2 Fuze has about a thousand+ more database entries than actual music files, on both main mem and 16GB card. The RB gurus indicated that this is not a prob - that the extra files are ALL the other files on the Fuze itself.

I wouldn't worry too much.

Use the EXPORT MODIFICATIONS option under DATABASE settings, especially if you are entering SONG RATINGS via Rockbox. Use it regularly...Or especially before you REINITIALIZE the db.

When you reinitialize the database, it wipes everything and reindexes from scratch, including your song ratings you may have entered.

This happened to me after I entered like 200 song ratings. Now I simply export regularly and if I ever need to reinitialize the db, I can simply use the IMPORT MODIFICATIONS option and re-add all my song ratings, etc...

Nice huh? Ain't RB cool
Doh! I was selecting update now instead.

Originally Posted by lestatar View Post

Nice huh? Ain't RB cool

Don't forget to thank and support all the RB peeps once in a while
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