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Default Bloated Battery

Okay, my battery got all bloated and full of air so I took it out of the housing and poked a hole in it to let the air out.
Common sense tells me that the air in the battery is not a good thing. But just how bad is it?
The battery is still functional and seems to hold a charge but what the heck happened here. I have plenty of ideas but anybody know the science behind it and maybe how long does my battery have left?
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Li-Ion batteries are known for changing size and form, slightly, during charge/discharge. That said, the sort of experience you had seems unusual. Exactly how bloated did it become?

AFAIK Li-ion does not produce any gasses (like lead acid, example being a car battery, most certainly does create) so I can't see it originating in the has to relate to the pack inside expanding.

I can't really offer any more info than hasn't happened to my Vision W battery but perhaps others have had similar experiences?

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I wouldn't be surprised if you left your player out in the car or on a window sill, etc. A while ago (when it still worked...) I accidentally left my ZVW in the center console of my car and the battery now has such an excessive bulge that I can hardly slide the battery on. I never saw any decrease in battery life, but it still isn't good. I'd suggest buying a new battery.
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