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Why does everyone jump to the conclusion that this will kill Zune? o.0
I live in SA so cannot access ZP but if I could: I would rather pay $15 for ZP than $10 for Apples one for one reason...the media player. iTunes is a piece of cr*p. And the Zune player isn't just a better player is a whole different media experience. If I need to pay a measly $5 extra for that then who cares. Seriously, whats $10 or even $15 per month? For most of us, it's nothing. Just skip pizza one night a month.

Back to the point, I don't see this being a big game changer at all. If someone is using Zune Pass, chances are they have a Zune, or don't like Apple - and both of those types of people are not going to rush to get the same service from Apple.
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