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yep, you could mod the sound till the cows come home, and thats great and just one aspect of this system, its functionality and UI modding are also massive boosts and its been a privilege to use it, at $29 for a 4GB refurb (mint condition) with a 16GB sd card its ben the best investment in a player so far, plus i love the wheel, so easy to use

i will eventually have a go myself at a theme, i like this one simply because the layout is less cluttered and more uniform than most - so tops to the author

warrior/viking - nice tweak job, the blue really does compliment the player ,especially when the wheel is lit

one aspect of the RB UI i dont like is the fonts, all of them are just too rough round the edges, when our beloved Chinese media players (which i know are so adored on this site) started getting TTF fonts the difference it made visually was massive, just a hell of alot easier on the eyes

anyway, this is my main now playing theme so keep it up
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